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A unique and inimitable distillate , Disaronno has its roots even in the Renaissance period, when in 1525, the artist Bernardino Luini, commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna dei Miracoli in Saronno, chooses a beautiful innkeeper as muse. The woman decides to return the gesture of courtesy by giving the artist a flask full of amber nectar, with a delicate scent . This is how the Disaronno legend was born: it was then in 1600 that one of the Saronno families rediscovered the ancient recipe, still a secret today , passing it down from generation to generation, up to the early twentieth century, when Domenico Reina decided to open a shop; it was here that the Original Disaronno was produced and marketed. Liqueur with an iconic bottle carved in hammered glass by hand by the masters of Murano , Disaronno is a symbol of Made in Italy, starting with its classic version, warm and velvety, sweet and soft, of great balance, with a taste that recalls the almond and fades towards caramel. But the big news is Disaronno Velvet , a must for those who love cream liqueurs with an intense aroma and a velvety and delicious body.

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