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Rum Solera 1796 Special pack

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In short

  • Rum Solera 1796 Santa Teresa 0.7 cl
  • Bitter "The bitter truth", 2 cl
  • Jigger


The Santa Teresa 1796 Special pack contains everything you need to prepare an old-fashioned cocktail: rum, bitter and jigger. The Santa Teresa company summarizes 200 years of experience in the production of rum from the Venezuelan hacienda of the same name. It is the result of an artisanal process in every phase of its realization: from distillation to sealing the cork with wax, whose aging takes place for 35 years in ex-Bourbon oak barrels and subsequently according to the traditional Solera Method.

The rum contained in rows of overlapping barrels not completely filled, descends from row to row, from the youngest placed in the upper part and progressively enriched by part of the older ones, until it reaches the first row, called Solera, where the very first barrels of Santa Teresa rum dating back to 1796.

In the glass it has a dark amber color. On the nose, its intense and elegant fruity aromas blend with notes of fine wood. In the mouth you can savor its unique taste, made of spicy memories and dried fruit, which culminates in a finish of various types of honey and white pepper.

Excellent neat, with ice but also in Negroni, Manhattan and Old-Fashioned Rum cocktails.

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