Transatlantic Vodka Beluga

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Transatlantic Vodka Beluga
0,7 L
White flowers, Sea breeze
alcohol content
40 %
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Noble vodka made as a tribute to the Russian national sailing team, which has distinguished itself in the most prestigious international regattas. The bottle features decorative elements that recall the marine environment, such as the golden anchor in the center of the label on a dark blue background and the Beluga sturgeon in the foreground, the largest and most valuable sturgeon in the world. Unlike the other vodka from the Beluga home, the Transatlantic is filtered using a natural cotton filter and remains for 45 days to refine: a vodka with an even more delicate taste follows.

Crystalline and bright to the eye, it gives the nose a fresh and floral bouquet, with slight references to the sea breeze. On the palate it is balanced and soft, with an aftertaste that combines a marked freshness with an unmatched softness.

Perfect in the company of caviar, it is ideal to serve on ice cubes or as an ingredient for the preparation of class Cosmopolitan.

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