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“Only the best”: with this motto, which at the time could have sounded like a watchword or a seraphic and incontrovertible warning, Georges Hermann Mumm seals the philosophy of the Maison. Since then, nothing has changed, if not the constant commitment to the pursuit of absolute quality.

The Mumms, already wine producers in the 18th century in Cologne and in the Rhine valley, perceived the great potential of the French Champagne region and its wines, and decided to open a branch in Reims in 1827. The passion for wine is handed down from generation to generation, up to pushing the family to cross borders to settle in Reims, where they founded their Champagne house. But it will then be the son of one of the founders, Georges Hermann Mumm, at the reins of the company since 1852, to make the decision that will mark the fate of the Maison, that is to embellish the neck of the bottles with a red silk ribbon to pay homage to the Grand Cordon Rouge of the Legion of Honor with which the highest officers were decorated. In this way, Cordon Rouge will become a true icon of Champagne.

Type of wine
Ageing in barrel
France, Champagne
per bottle  (0,75 ℓ)  56.93 €/ℓ
incl. VAT and taxes
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