The best wines to pair with aged cheeses

Seasoned cheeses are a fascinating universe in the dairy field, especially if they are raw pasta and change their consistency, aromas and aromas with the passage of time. They have in common with wine the fact of being living matter and the concept of aromatic evolution during the refinement. Just this common feature thus brings together two apparently distant worlds. When we start thinking about aged cheeses and wines, we must however keep in mind the basic rules of pairing, linked to the basic concepts of structure, intensity of aromas, concentration and persistence of flavors. Characteristics that in the world of cheeses are mainly due to the type and above all to the expected aging period. We will therefore try to put on the same level, or rather on the same table, wines and cheeses that have not only a comparable structure and complexity, but also a degree of refinement that can be assimilated in some way. Obviously the rule of the search for balance through contrast always applies, for example balancing fatness with acidity, flavor or spicy notes with softness. It may seem strange compared to the most common and widespread thought, but even in the case of aged cheeses the best combinations are with white wines, preferably long-lived and aromatic complex. This should not be surprising, if we consider that casein and tannins are not elements that harmoniously marry on the palate and it should be limited the combination of reds with cheeses only to cases of very aged cheeses and very aged red wines, with tannins now evolved and almost imperceptible. Red wine is therefore to be considered an exception, which is also confirmed by the traditional pairing with spicy white wines of spicy or blue cheeses. Another element to always take into account is the territorial combination, especially for a product strongly linked to the production area such as cheese.

If we want to give some examples, we will combine a Franciacorta Brut with Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano . In this case the months of aging can even coincide and the wine goes well with the intense and savory aromas of the cheese. For the same reason we will combine a Classic Brut Method with a seasoned Monte Veronese or a Bagoss di Bagolino . With a seasoned Caciocavallo s ilano we will serve a Fiano d'Avellino , structured, fresh and aromatic deep. With a medium-aged Sardinian Pecorino a Vermentino di Gallura will do very well, while for very seasoned Pecorino we will choose a Malvasia di Bosa . Finally, with Fossa cheeses , we will combine whites of good structure, soft and preferably refined in wood, which will keep up with the complexity and aromatic intensity of this particular cheese.

Immediately available Awards
Fiano di Avellino DOCG Pietracalda 2019

Fiano di Avellino DOCG Pietracalda 2019 Feudi di San Gregorio

0,75 L
Shellfish, Fish, White meat
14,50 €
12,50 €
Quantity discount
Immediately available
Abruzzo Pecorino DOC Bianchi Grilli per la Testa 2018

Abruzzo Pecorino DOC Bianchi Grilli per la Testa 2018 Torre dei Beati

0,75 L
Shellfish, Fish, Vegetarian dishes, First courses, Risotto, Vegetables
19,90 €
16,50 €
Quantity discount
Immediately available Premium
Südtirol - Alto Adige DOC Weiss - Bianco Stoan 2019

Südtirol - Alto Adige DOC Weiss - Bianco Stoan 2019 Tramin

0,75 L
Starter, First courses, Fish, White meat, Mushrooms
32 €
22,70 €
Quantity discount
Immediately available Awards
Pomino Brut DOC Leonia 2016

Pomino Brut DOC Leonia 2016 Frescobaldi

0,75 L
Starter, White meat, Aged cheese, Fish, First courses
28 €
25,90 €
Quantity discount
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