Rum is one of the most famous and appreciated spirits in the world. Its Caribbean origins, its unbreakable bond with the legendary universe of Corsairs and Pirates, make it a true myth for all fans. If the aged rums are excellent to taste smooth, many younger rums, white or amber, are the basic ingredient for the preparation of tasty cocktails. Mixology is a true art and we will try to discover the best rum-based cocktails, obviously leaving out the banal and obvious Cuba libre.


Pour the white rum (45ml), lime juice (25ml) and sugar syrup (10ml) into a shaker, add the ice cubes and shake.


In a glass, pound two teaspoons of sugar, the juice of half a lime and some mint leaves. Add a drop of sparkling water, fill the glass with crushed ice, fill with white rum and mix.

Piña Colada

For a quick preparation, you can blend pineapple juice (90ml), coconut milk (30ml) and white rum (30ml). Alternatively, use the pureed fruit in the same proportions to which you will then add the white rum.

Planter's Punch

Pour the amber rum (45ml), orange juice (35ml), pineapple juice (35ml), lemon juice (2ml), grenadine syrup (1ml) and sugar syrup (into a shaker) 2ml). Shake, pour into the glass with ice and add 3 or 4 drops of Angostura.

Jamaican Mule

Pour the Rum (45ml) into a glass full of ice, fill with the ginger beer and lime juice (15ml), garnish with a pinch of pepper.

Mai Tai

Pour the White Rum (30ml), the orange curacao (15ml), the barley syrup (15ml), the grenadine syrup (5ml) and the lime juice (1ml) in a shaker together with the ice cubes. Shake, pour into the glass and fill with amber rum.

Acapulco Gold

Pour the rum (30ml), tequila (30ml), pineapple juice (60ml), grapefruit juice (30ml) and coconut cream (30ml) in a blender with crushed ice. Centrifuge for 10 seconds and pour into a glass.

Havana Zombie

Pour the juice of a lime, rum (30ml), pineapple juice (20ml) and a teaspoon of sugar syrup into a blender of ice cubes. Mix and pour into a glass.

Perfect Storm

Fill a glass with ice, pour the amber Rum (60ml) and then complete with the ginger beer (10ml).

Jamaican Punch

Mix the rum (50ml), lime juice (30ml), sugar syrup (30ml) in a glass and complete with crushed ice.

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