Franciacorta represents one of the most suitable Italian regions for the production of the Classic Method. It is located in the south, south-east of Lake Iseo, in a territory created in remote geological eras by a large alpine glacier, which with its slow descending motion towards the south and subsequent withdrawal, has transported pebbles downstream, gravels and sands. These glacial deposits have created a vast area of morainic hills with soils rich in skeleton, very draining, particularly suitable for quality viticulture, which still characterizes the area today. The average level of wines is very high, but we have gone further, selecting some of the best labels of the denomination.

Franciacorta DOCG Extra Brut Pas Operè Millesimato, Bellavista

A cuvée created with a careful selection of the best grapes of the estate produced from old chardonnay (65%) and pinot noir (35%) vineyards. After 6 years of aging on the lees, it offers enveloping, mature and elegant aromas, supported by an intact freshness.

Franciacorta DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma, Bellavista

A label that has now become a Bellavista classic and a symbol of excellence for Franciacorta. The grapes come only from 10 parcels selected from over 200 of the estate, in order to guarantee an always high, harmonious and seductive final result.

Franciacorta Riserva Casa delle Colonne Zero Millesimato, Fratelli Berlucchi

A cudée of chardonnay (70%) and pinot noir (30%) aged over 80 months on the lees, which expresses complex and deep, elegant and persistent aromas.

Franciacorta Riserva DOCG Palazzo Lana Extrême Millesimato, Berlucchi

A pure pinot noir obtained from two small historic vineyards of the estate planted with very high density. A few thousand bottles, which rest on the lees for at least 7 years before giving away a Franciacorta of absolute quality.

Franciacorta Extra Brut DOCG Boschedòr Millesimato, Bosio

A label with a great personality, produced with grapes from a parcel particularly suited to the estate. A half chardonnay and half pinot noir cuvée, intense, complex and elegant. The minimum aging on the lees is 36 months.

Franciacorta Dosage Zéro DOCG Vintage Collection Millesimato, Ca 'del Bosco

One of the best excellence of Ca 'del Bosco. A Pas Dosé made with a careful selection of the best chardonnay grapes (65%), pinot noir 22% and pinot white 13%. Twenty-five base wines expertly orchestrated to create a cuvée that rests sur lattes for at least 48 months before dégorgement.

Franciacorta Riserva DOCG Bagnadore Dosaggio Zero, Barone Pizzini

Produced with the grapes of a single vineyard, planted in chardonnay (50%) and pinot noir (50%), it sees the light only in the best vintages in a few thousand bottles. Sixty months sur lattes for a Franciacorta that skilfully combines structure, complexity and freshness.

Franciacorta DOCG Cuvée Lucrezia Black Vintage Label, Castello Bonomi

From the best Pinot Noir vineyards of Monte Orfano, Castello Bonomi produces an intense, rich, fresh and elegant Blanc de Noirs. A Franciacorta aged 70 months, long-lived and with great personality.

Franciacorta DOCG Au Contraire Pas Dosé Millesimato, Cavalleri

Produced only in exceptional vintages, it is an absolute level label, born from a selection of the best bunches of chardonnay and pinot noir to produce only 5/6000 bottles but unforgettable.

Franciacorta DOCG Dosage Zero Millesimato, Andrea Arici

A thousand bottles not to be missed. A Franciacorta produced in Gussago with the grapes of a single particularly suited cru, cultivated with chardonnay (80%) and pinot noir (20%). After 48 months of aging, it gives a glass of great charm and expressive purity, elegant, intense, fresh and mineral.

Franciacorta DOCG Dosage Zero, Faccoli

From the vineyards cultivated on the slopes of Monte Orfano, one of the most interesting and rigorous Dosage Zero is born. A particular cuvée: chardonnay (65%), pinot bianco (30%) and pinot nero (5%), which gives the emotion of a great Classic Method, still made with artisan care. The minimum aging on the lees is 48 months.

Franciacorta Pas Dosé DOCG Riserva 33 Millesimato, Ferghettina

A pure chardonnay aged at least 80 months on the lees for a Franciacorta with aromas, ripe and evolved, but still capable of maintaining a surprising vein of savory and mineral freshness.

Franciacorta Brut DOCG Secolo Novo Millesimato, Le Marchesine

Produced only with the grapes of the prestigious La Santissima di Gussago vineyard, it is a Blanc de Blancs Millesimato that manages to summarize in the glass a clear acidic tension with ripe and complex aromas. The minimum aging on the lees is 36 months.

Franciacorta DOCG Extra Brut Millesimato, Lo Sparviere

A pure chardonnay produced in the splendid area of Monticelli Brusati, which after more than 60 refinement stages on the lees, offers the best evolutionary notes of the great white of Burgundy, with tropical aromas of honey and dried fruit, well supported by a vibrant freshness.

Franciacorta DOCG Parosé Millesimato Mosnel

A cuvée of pinot noir (70%) and chardonnay (30%) with an absolutely unique personality. An undosed rosé of rare elegance and expressive finesse. A subtle bouquet with aromas of citrus, pomegranate, black currant and refined balsamic nuances. A true champion among the rosés.

Franciacorta Extra Brut DOCG Quinque, Uberti

An Extra-Brut created by assembling the best vins clairs from 5 consecutive harvests, united from year to year to create a harmonious and balanced cuvée. A precious and exclusive Blanc de Blancs, which ages 80 months on the lees before dégorgement. A glass of elegance and complexity.

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Franciacorta Brut DOCG Grande Cuvée Alma

Franciacorta Brut DOCG Grande Cuvée Alma Bellavista

0,75 ℓ
Starter, Aperitifs, Fish, First courses
32 €
26,90 €
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Franciacorta Brut DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma

Franciacorta Brut DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma Bellavista

Magnum 1,5 ℓ
Starter, Aperitifs, Fish, First courses
65 €
52,90 €
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Franciacorta DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma

Franciacorta DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma Bellavista

Magnum 1,5 ℓ, Bottle case
Starter, Aperitifs, Fish, First courses
69,90 €
55 €
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Franciacorta Pas Dosé Rosé DOCG Parosé 2015

Franciacorta Pas Dosé Rosé DOCG Parosé 2015 Mosnel

0,75 ℓ
Cold cuts and salami, Stewed meat, Shellfish, Seafood, Fish, sushi
49,90 €
42,50 €
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Franciacorta Extra Brut DOCG Pas Operè 2015

Franciacorta Extra Brut DOCG Pas Operè 2015 Bellavista

0,75 ℓ
Starter, Aperitifs, Fish, First courses
60 €
45,90 €
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