Joyful is a new line of fresh and exuberant Sicilian wines: three lively wines for a taste full of joy, ideal both as an aperitif and as a table wine .

Bianco Mosso , very faithful to the aromatic characteristics of the Sicilian white berried varieties from which it comes, is characterized by a spring bouquet of orange blossom and white roses, it is perfect to accompany pizzas, focaccias, soft cheeses and cooked salami .

Rosé Mosso , with its captivating pomegranate peel-like garment, goes well with Asian, llatine and Mediterranean ethnic cuisines such as tapas, shrimp tempura, chicken curry, battered vegetables, fish crudités.

Produced from the best Sicilian red grapes, Rosso Mosso, to be drunk rigorously cold , stands out for its great versatility: it can accompany an entire meal with an aperitif with cheese and salami, to continue with hot dishes such as soups and consommé, or cold, such as veal or tuna fillet.
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