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Patròn is the great Mexican distillery that produces ultra-premium tequila and is located in Atotonilco, in the Jalisco region. The distillery uses only first choice raw materials in the production of its Tequilas, that is the hearts of the precious variety of blue agave called Weber and cultivated by local agave growers, the jimadors. It takes at least 8 years for the plant to reach the right ripeness with the correct sugar level to produce Patròn tequila.

The Tequila di Patròn are the result of an artisanal production that involves at least 60 people, each involved in one of the production phases, which goes from harvesting, to peeling the agave up to obtain the heart of the plant, to cooking in the oven, to fermentation and maceration until distillation. Part of the juice is distilled according to the ancient Tahona process (which involves the manual use of stone wheels, pine barrels and discontinuous stills, as well as the presence of agave fibers in the juice), while a part undergoes the modern laminating process (without agave fibers). Francisco Alcaraz, the master distiller Patròn, then assembles the two varieties of tequila, to obtain one of the prestigious Patròn tequilas.

We start with the Tequila Silver with a transparent and crystalline color, with its citrus scents accompanied by peppery and smoky notes. The Patròn line also includes the Reposado tequila, which ages in oak barrels for at least 2 months. The aging in wood is recognizable not only by the slightly amber color, but also on the nose by hints of oak and fresh agave and by a softer taste, which reveals notes of citrus, honey, white flowers and vanilla. Añejo tequila ages 12 months in oak barrels, has a warm amber color. On the nose it offers elegant aromas of wood, vanilla and plum, which we find in the sip together with a finish that evokes smoky and caramel hints. The perfect ending to a meal is represented by XO Cafe , the tequila-based coffee liqueur, with aromas of coffee, chocolate and vanilla, with a soft but not cloying taste.

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