Champagne is positioned in a medium-high price range. However, the price of a bottle of Champagne is not only linked to its age-old prestige, there are many factors that contribute to determining its value.

Let's start from a basic consideration, one hectare of land in the Champagne region costs more than one hectare in Barolo or Montalcino, just to mention two of the top denominations of our wine production. Furthermore, if we want to stay within the Classic Method, in Franciacorta the average price of grapes is around 1.50 euros per kilogram, while in Champagne we travel with prices between 5 and 6 euros. Considering that to produce a bottle you need about 1.2 / 1.5 kg of grapes. You can immediately see how the raw material has an important impact on the final price.

Every year the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne establishes the reference price of the grapes for the Grand Cru. According to the classification system, the percentage price of the other parcels then falls. The price of the grapes in the 17 Grand Cru equals 100% of the price established by the CIVC, the price in the Premier Cru ranges between 99 and 90% and in the Cru between 89 and 80%. Another important variable regards the aging period on the lees, basically the longer and the higher the price.
Obviously, as in any market, the brand matters. The reputation that the Maison has gained over time is a value, a guarantee of quality and excellence, which inevitably pays off.

Evaluate the price of Champagne in relation to the occasion when you will uncork the bottle and the people with whom you will share it. When looking at the price of Champagne, take these parameters into consideration and assess whether the expense is justified or whether it is better to focus on a Classic Method of a lower price range, but not necessarily of a lower quality.

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Champagne Brut AOC Majeur

Champagne Brut AOC Majeur Ayala

0,75 L
Aperitifs, Shellfish, Raw fish, Seafood, Fish, sushi
49,90 €
35,90 €
Quantity discount
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Champagne Brut AOC Réserve

Champagne Brut AOC Réserve Billecart-Salmon

0,75 L
Aperitifs, Shellfish, Fish
45 €
35,50 €
Immediately available Awards Premium
Champagne Brut Rosé AOC

Champagne Brut Rosé AOC Billecart-Salmon

0,75 L
Aperitifs, Dried sweets and pastries, Fish, sushi
79,90 €
63 €
Immediately available Free shipping Awards Premium
Champagne AOC Brut La Grande Année 2012

Champagne AOC Brut La Grande Année 2012 Bollinger

0,75 L
Fish, Raw fish, Shellfish, White meat, Aged cheese
180 €
140 €
Quantity discount
Free shipping
Immediately available Awards Premium
Champagne Brut AOC Special Cuvée

Champagne Brut AOC Special Cuvée Bollinger

0,75 L
Fish, sushi, Caviar, Seafood, Shellfish
59,90 €
44 €
Immediately available Premium
Champagne Brut AOC Special Cuvée Versione 007

Champagne Brut AOC Special Cuvée Versione 007 Bollinger

0,75 L, Bottle case
Fish, sushi, Caviar, Seafood, Shellfish
90 €
65 €
Quantity discount

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