Rooted in the present, since 1860: here is the motto of the Rallo winery, a production reality that, day after day, carries on the Sicilian winemaking traditions, giving life, in that of Marsala, to labels of excellent quality. Thanks to Andrea Vesco, CEO of the company that personally monitors each phase of production , from the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling. Today Rallo is a reality of considerable size, which extends with its vineyards within three areas highly suited to viticulture: Marsala, Alcamo and finally Pantelleria , where the recently purchased hectares are dedicated to the production of Passito.

Since 2010 the bottles signed by Rallo have been certified as organic , in the light of a production philosophy that aims to make quality wines, thanks also to the advice of the renowned winemaker Carlo Ferrini , which however always come from an accurate balance with the surrounding nature. "Carta d'Oro", "Il Principe" and "La Cuba" are just some of the names of the labels that leave Sicily at every harvest to land on tables all over the world. Tables on which obviously one can not miss one of the wines symbol of the entire Sicilian wine scene, Marsala, which Rallo loves to present with different versions .

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