At the origin of this success there is a notebook of secrets. When in 1820 Jean Buton decided to move from France to Emilia Romagna, he brought with him that family recipe book already containing many distillation adventures. He wanted to transform and enrich it thanks to the wines found in this region. Thus vision and experimentation will be destined to the birth of an inimitable brandy. In 1939, 100 years after the opening of the Italian Distillery, the Vecchia Romagna Buton Brandy begins to be housed in the triangular bottle that consecrates it all over the world as the 'Italian Brandy' par excellence. It is not easy to measure the greatness and genius at the origin of many intuitions, especially when very small precautions begin to return masterly results: the use of the still, the toasting of the barrels, the skilful blending are all delicate phases used to release in the glass a unique and intense flavor.

Twice as large, the Vecchia Romagna Black Label is the result of a double distillation and a double aging: an antique gold-coppery brandy, which harmonises tropical notes with vanilla, cinnamon and cloves on the nose, for a complex taste and intriguing, full of sweet spices and a persistent finish. With the Riserva Tre Botti, the refined distillation process becomes even more meticulous thanks to a blend of distillates aged in three types of barrels to guarantee momentum, roundness and precision in the aromas. Amber in color, notes of dried and tropical fruit stand out to find in the palate the harmony between woody notes and rounder hints of raisins, embellished with cinnamon and cloves. In short, a notebook of secrets that we can benefit from with immense satisfaction.

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