Beluga sturgeon, or ladan, is the largest and most prized sturgeon in the world, from which the most delicious and sought-after caviar is made. Beluga vodka is inspired by this noble marine specimen, offering itself as vodka reserved for an elite , as a symbol of aristocracy and luxury.

It is produced with malted Russian cereals of the highest quality , unusual for a vodka, and from pure water from the artesian wells of Siberia located 300 meters deep. It is the result of a triple distillation and an accurate filtration by means of quartz sand and silver filters , from which a vodka of absolute excellence and softness is obtained, with a velvety consistency.

The labels differ in the maturation time of each vodka , always higher than those of a traditional vodka, ranging from 30 days of the "Noble" to 100 days of the "Epicure" , and for the special ingredients which are added in small proportions to the distilled, helping to define its character. At the top of the range is precisely the vodka "Epicure", a limited edition resulting from the collaboration with the historic French glassware Lalique , which created the precious container in its laboratories in Alsace.
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