Mirto Rosso Zedda Piras Monte Arcosu is obtained exclusively from hand-picked wild Sardinian myrtle berries from the WWF natural reserve of Monte Arcosu. It is the sweet liqueur of the Sardinian tradition. Full and intense in flavor and aromas, it recalls the heady fragrances of Sardinia spread in the air of the Mistral wind.

The production of Zedda Piras myrtle has always taken place in Sardinia, and Mirto Rosso Monte Arcosu, like all Zedda Piras myrtle liqueurs, is produced in compliance with the traditional recipe and the production disciplinary, without added flavorings or dyes.

Excellent to be enjoyed smooth, frozen, as per tradition. Ideal as a liqueur after a meal.

Alcohol content
Tasting moment
End of meal
19,50 €
per bottle (0,7 ℓ) 21,29 €/ℓ
Incl. VAT and taxes
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