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As in the best fairy tales with a happy ending, Tanqueray gin was born in 1830 from an act of rebellion by its founder, Charles Tanqueray: destined for a monastic life, he soon refused the priestly habit to devote himself heart and soul to his true passion, the bar. herbs. That the in-depth knowledge of herbs has, historically, to do with monastic life is a rather well-known fact, but that Tanqueray gin was born from this knowledge is a more than exceptional fact: today, Tanqueray, is one of the most appreciated gins of the world.

The bottle design is more than futuristic, as they are designed to resemble a shaker. Today the range of gins, in its classic variant, ranges from London Dry Gin, a nectar of juniper, angelica, coriander and licorice. The N ° Ten, is the most exclusive version of Tanqueray (96 pt. Wine Enthusiast). The selection is completed by Rangpur, characterized by the presence of the very rare Rangpur lime among the botanicals, a fruit of Indian origin that connotes this gin with a persistent citrus sensation of lime, and the new Flor de Sevilla, a unique distillate, made with bitter oranges of Seville and orange blossom, inspired by an original recipe by Charles Tanqueray.

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Flor de Sevilla Gin

Flor de Sevilla Gin Tanqueray

0,7 ℓ
Vol: 41,3%
32,50 €
per bottle (0,7 ℓ) 36,43 €/ℓ
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Rangpur Lime Gin

Rangpur Lime Gin Tanqueray

0,7 ℓ
Vol: 41,3%
29,90 €
per bottle (0,7 ℓ) 32,57 €/ℓ
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London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin Tanqueray

0,7 ℓ
17,70 €
per bottle (0,7 ℓ) 22,57 €/ℓ
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N° Ten Gin

N° Ten Gin Tanqueray

0,7 ℓ
35 €
per bottle (0,7 ℓ) 40,14 €/ℓ
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