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Vecchia Romagna brandy is the result of 200 years of passion, a constant search for excellence and Italian know-how in the noble art of distillation. A fascinating story that began in 1820 with the intuition of Jean Buton, a master distiller of French origin. Always attracted by inspiration and the traditional Italian art of winemaking, Jean immediately understood that Italy was the "land of great wines" he was looking for. In Emilia Romagna he found the ideal grapes, the right climate and the inspiration to refine his art of distillation.

After moving to Bologna with the family's precious recipe book, Jean founded the first Italian steam distillery, "Distilleria G. Buton & C.", in 1830. Two centuries of success, in which experience, creativity and innovation have made Vecchia Romagna the world's best-selling brandy made in Italy. From its iconic triangular shape, Vecchia Romagna represents the perfect synthesis of Italian wisdom and ingenuity, also thanks to its own Vecchia Romagna Method, characterised by three fundamental steps: distillation, ageing and blending.

Vecchia Romagna represents the excellence of brandy through a series of iconic distillates: Vecchia Romagna Black Label, Tre Botti Reserve and Diciotto Reserve.

Black Label is the undisputed icon of the range, the result of a double distillation and double ageing, with an elegant and decisive taste. Riserva Tre Botti is an elegant blend of fine distillates with a rich flavour, aged in three different types of barrels: French oak barriques, large Slavonian oak barrels and tonneaux used to aged fine Italian wines. Riserva 18 is an intense and refined blend of distillates aged for at least 18 years in fine oak barrels and in barrels used to age Amarone della Valpolicella.

Brandy Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera

Brandy Etichetta Nera Vecchia Romagna

0,7 ℓ
Vol: 38%
Italy, Emilia Romagna
per bottle  (0,7 ℓ)  20.86 €/ℓ
incl. VAT and taxes
Brandy Riserva Tre Botti

Brandy Riserva Tre Botti Vecchia Romagna

0,7 ℓ
Vol: 40,8%
Italy, Emilia Romagna
per bottle  (0,7 ℓ)  48.00 €/ℓ
incl. VAT and taxes
Brandy Riserva 18 Anni

Brandy Riserva 18 Anni Vecchia Romagna

0,7 ℓ, Gift box
Vol: 43,8%
Italy, Emilia Romagna
per bottle  (0,7 ℓ)  201.43 €/ℓ
incl. VAT and taxes
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