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How does a coupon work? CHOOSE YOUR WINES
Find the wines for you: you can sort them by type, region, price, producer, food pairings and many other characteristics. Choose as many as you like and add them to cart.
How does a coupon work? PROCEED WITH CHECKOUT
Log in to your account or sign up, providing your information and shipping address. Before confirming your order, enter Coupon code in the specific field. Discount will automatically be deducted from order total, excl. possible shipping costs. Percentage coupons cannot be applied on products that are already on sale.
If you do not wish to make an order now, you can use your Coupon later on, entering the code before confirming your order. Remember that the Coupon may have an expiry date. For more information, read Coupon Terms and Conditions here below.
Coupon Terms and Conditions

Coupons are issued in alphanumeric code and their value (in euro) is unquestionable and determined by at its own discretion. Coupon codes can be entered in a specific field "Coupon" upon checkout or by scanning the QR code. Discount will be deducted from order total, excluding possible shipping costs. Percentage coupons are not valid on products that are already on sale. Coupons are only valid for a limited period of time, after which they expire. Coupons use can be subject to a minimum order amount. If the order does not reach this amount, the system will notify it before the order is confirmed. Coupons cannot be combined.

Coupons cannot be sold or given to third parties, unless authorized by reserves the right to remove any previously issued Coupon even before it expires, without having to provide justification, compensation or refund.

How does a coupon work?
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