There are various ways to open a bottle of Champagne . From the rowdy and a little bit rough with the "bang", often still used and abused on New Year's Eve, to the elegant and refined one that sommeliers use, releasing the overpressure with discreet delicacy. But certainly the most spectacular, richest in history and charm remains " le sabrage ", the use of opening the bottle of Champagne with a saber blow.

The history of this ancient custom, particularly scenographic, dates back to the Napoleonic era , when the officers of the French cavalry used to celebrate the victories by opening bottles of Champagne with this military-style gesture. Today the tradition has remained alive, not only among enthusiasts, but has become for many a real ritual, a ceremony and a tribute to the centuries-old history of Champagne. A different way to open a bottle, to be used to celebrate solemn occasions or special anniversaries. From the weapons of the Napoleonic armies, we moved on to sabers specially created to perpetuate this old and spectacular tradition over time. These are much more practical sabers than those of the Hussars, only 30/40 centimeters long and, for safety, absolutely no thread on the blade.

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