Tintilia del Molise is an ancient autochthonous red grape variety, which like many other small local varieties has risked becoming extinct in the face of the spread of internationally known vines, especially after the crisis of European vineyards due to phylloxera. However, thanks to the tenacity and passion of some local producers, Tintilia del Molise has been saved and today represents an important and strong identity value for the viticulture of the region. According to the latest news, Molise winemakers have done well to believe in Tintilia. In a recent interview, Matthew Bucklin, husband of Ariana Rockefeller, grandson of the famous multi-billionaire American David Rockefeller, confessed to loving this red wine from our south. The young couple loves Italy, especially the city of Rome, where they often stay during business trips or leisure holidays, so much so that they even think of moving to live in the shadow of the Colosseum. Just during a stay in Rome, thanks to Matthew's sommelier brother and a Molise association from Rome, Matthew and Ariana Rockefeller discovered the Tintilia wine and immediately fell in love with it. Thus was born the desire to know the land of origin of this fascinating red wine and the intention to visit Molise as soon as possible, to discover its history, its cities, the artistic and landscape beauties. The news quickly went around the world. For the Molise region it is an excellent opportunity to make the wealth of its historical, cultural, as well as food and wine heritage known abroad. Thanks to the attention reserved by the famous couple Matthew Bucklin and Ariana Rockefeller, Tintilia could thus become a true ambassador of Molise in the world. An opportunity not to be missed!

For those wishing to learn more about Tintilia we recommend the following tastings:

Molise DOC Tintilia Macchiarossa 2013, Claudio Cipressi
Claudio Cipressi cultivates his Tintilia vineyards in the San Felice countryside in Molise, in the province of Campobasso. The choice of an aging in steel for 24 months, followed by another six months in bottle, allows the wine to evolve and mature, keeping the fragrance of the varietal profile intact. The bouquet expresses notes of red fruit, embellished with delicate spicy and balsamic nuances. The sip is harmonious and enveloping, with a balanced and persistent finish.

Molise Riserva DOC Tintilia 2016, Di Majo Norante
The wine was born in the ancient fief of the Marquises Norante of Santa Cristina, which is located in Campomarino in the province of Campobasso. At the end of the vinification, the Tintilia ages partly in steel, partly in barrique and completes the aging with 6 months in bottle. It is a wine with a fresh and ripe fruit, accompanied by beautiful spicy notes, which make it pleasant and velvety on the palate.

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