Wines produced with grapes cultivated according to the biodynamic method, which consists in maintaining the fertility of the earth, freeing the nutrients in it, and protecting plants from diseases and parasites in a natural way, favouring the self-regulation that exists in all living organisms.


The organic wine is made from organically grown grapes, cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, in total respect for the environment.


Semi-sparkling wines, with a moderate carbon dioxide content naturally originating from the fermentation process.


Kosher wine is produced following the strict Jewish dictates of Kasherut.

new arrivals
New arrivals

Products recently inserted in the catalogue or are brand new. Generally, products that represent a novelty in their category and are reported as novelties.


Particularly fine and valuable wines. This category includes wines produced through the use of excellent techniques by the best winemakers in the world.

selection selection

High quality wine at a particularly attractive price.


By vegan we mean an approach to winemaking that does not use any type of product of animal origin.


It is the real structure of wine, which can be perceived both visually in the glass and in taste. Is determined by the greater or lesser presence of some substances already present in the grapes, or produced during the winemaking process. The body of the wine can be light, medium or robust.

Aging in barrel

It is the phase of slow maturation in wooden casks where wine experiences a micro-oxidation process that improves its structure and, at the same time, receives small amounts of tannin. The wine can undergo a short, medium or long barrel aging.

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