The Alexander cocktail is a great classic, which is now part of the best tradition of international long drinks. Most likely its success and its global popularity are also due to an extremely simple recipe, based on a few ingredients but completely out of the ordinary schemes. It is an elegant and refined cocktail, with an absolutely unmistakable personality.

As often happens, there is still an aura of mystery around its birth, which however dates back to the period of the 1920s. According to some, it saw the light in the United States at the time of prohibition, as a cocktail particularly appreciated by the female public. According to other versions, it would have been created in England, to be precise during the celebrations for the royal wedding of Princess Mary, thanks to the creativity of Harry MacElhone, one of the most famous barmen of the time, who worked at the "Ciro's Club" in London.

However, it is a very special cocktail, which for its sweetness is not suitable to be served at the time of the aperitif and is rather a classic drink to drink after dinner. An ideal cocktail to accompany a pleasant evening and a chat with friends. Despite the rich ingredients, the Alexander is very pleasant to drink, also thanks to the touch of nutmeg, which gives the sip a characteristic and intriguing spicy nuance. The official IBA recipe calls for the use of cognac, dark cocoa cream and fresh cream, but there is also an alternative variant, which seems to be the oldest, according to which gin should be used instead of cognac and white cocoa cream instead of the dark one.


  • 3 cl of Cognac,
  • 3 cl of cocoa cream (dark),
  • 3 cl of fresh cream


Put the ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake and then pour into an iced cocktail cup. Finish with a sprinkling of nutmeg.

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