Muscat grapes represent one of the great families of vines present in the Mediterranean basin. It is one of the oldest varieties ever, already cultivated by the Greeks and loved by the ancient Romans. The name seems to derive from the term muscus to underline the aroma of musk that characterizes the aromatic spectrum of the grapes and their wines. Moscato Bianco, the most cultivated in Italy, is widespread in many regions: Moscato di Trani, Siracusa, Noto, Chambave, Montalcino, Tempio Pausania, but certainly the most famous area for the cultivation of this variety is Piedmont, in particular the Asti area and the Canelli area . In Piedmont it is the most widely cultivated white berried grape, especially for the production of sparkling wines with the Charmat method . The wine has a straw yellow color, with a characteristic bouquet of orange blossom, citrus, white peach and musk . The sip is intensely aromatic, juicy and rich, with a medium body, characteristics that make it the ideal combination for leavened desserts such as pandoro and panettone .

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