10 packs to give as Christmas

The Christmas holidays are approaching, time for gifts and also for great dinners. What better occasion to give a good bottle of wine? Vino75 offers you a wide choice, among which we have selected 10 gift boxes. Excellent wines in a boxed package for a prestigious gift.

Franciacorta Brut Alma Gran Cuvée Bellavista
(80% chardonnay, 19% pinot nero, 1% pinot bianco)

L 'Alma Grand Cuvée is the ultimate expression of purity and harmony. It is the symbol label of Bellavista, the one that best interprets the search for absolute excellence and pleasantness. The grapes are harvested and selected by hand from vineyards grown in the heart of Franciacorta. It is the result of a careful selection of only the best cru of the estate: of the 224 parcels that make up the heritage of the Bellavista vineyards, only 10 donate the grapes to create the Alma Gran Cuvée. They are the most historically suited vineyards, which guarantee higher quality grapes every year. To achieve perfect expressive harmony, in addition to vintage wines, 20 selections of reserve wines from the best vintages can be used, which guarantee a constant taste unchanged over time. To ensure the right complexity, 35% of the base wines ferment and mature in old oak barriques and the subsequent period of rest in the bottle on the lees is at least 40 months. In the glass it has a bright yellow color, crossed by a very fine and continuous perlage. The olfactory profile is broad and complex, with aromas of ripe fruit, citrus peel and pastry. The sip is creamy, rich, always supported by pleasant freshness.

Trento DOC Perlé Nero Riserva 2009 Ferrari
(100% pinot noir)

The Perlé Nero Riserva is a classic method for connoisseurs, as true lovers of Blanc de Noirs, rigorous, deep and linear. A wine without compromise, which enhances the character and structure of a noble grape variety such as pinot noir. The grapes are selected by hand and come from the vineyards grown in the highest areas, within the farms of Villa Margon, Maso Orsi and Maso Valli, at over 400 meters above sea level. The rest on the lees is at least 6 years, to ensure perfect maturation and aromatic evolution of pinot noir. Perlé Nero has a golden color, with fine and persistent perlage. It is a wine that expresses richness and maturity, with fruity aromas embellished with elegant toasted hints. The structure is important, the deep sip, persistent with a savory and very fresh finish.

Franciacorta Zero 2013 Contadi Castaldi
(50% chardonnay, 50% pinot noir)

The Zero is the Franciacorta wine of absolute purity. A classic method of personality, dedicated to those who love to find in the glass the clear and essential taste of wine and the pure expression of the Franciacorta terroir. The base wines mature, partly in steel and partly in barriques, for a period of about 7 months and the subsequent aging on the lees lasts for at least 36/40 months, before disgorgement. The color is straw yellow, with a very fine and persistent perlage. The bouquet fascinates with its clear elegance and complexity, with aromas of citrus fruits, dried fruit and aromatic herbs. The mouth is dry and linear, with a nice final persistence.

Franciacorta Brut Rosé 2013 Ferghettina
(100% pinot noir)

The Brut Rosé of Ferghettina comes from the splendid vineyards cultivated in Adro, in one of the most suitable areas of Franciacorta. It is produced with pure pinot noir, which guarantees the structure and the aromatic complexity that is asked of a Rosé with a gastronomic vocation. The grapes, selected manually, are sent for soft pressing and only the precious flower must is used for the production of Brut Rosé. The base wines mature in steel and after the creation of the cuvée, the bottles rest on the lees for at least 36 months. In the glass it shows a beautiful old rose, with fine and persistent perlage. The aromas range from raspberry, to red currant to pomegranate, the sip is important, with a beautiful gustatory persistence and pleasant final freshness.

Franciacorta Brut Millesimato 2009 Millé Tenuta Villa Crespia
(100% chardonnay)

It is a Blanc de Blancs produced only with grapes from the best parcels of the estate. Its peculiarity lies in the long aging of the base wines. Before being bottled, the wine stays in steel tanks for over 30 months on its lees, with periodic bâtonnage. In this way it acquires structure, more complex aromas and greater stability over time. After this long preparation phase, the bottles rest on the lees for about 30 months before the dégorgement. The color is straw yellow with fine and brilliant perlage. It opens on elegant floral and fresh fruit aromas, to relax on the palate on more mature and complex aromas, crossed by a lively acid vein.

Available immediately Awards
Franciacorta DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma

Franciacorta DOCG Gran Cuvée Alma Bellavista

0,75 ℓ, Bottle case
Starter, Aperitifs, Fish, First courses
34 €
28 €
Available immediately Awards Premium
Trento Riserva Extra Brut DOC Perlé Nero 2012

Trento Riserva Extra Brut DOC Perlé Nero 2012 Ferrari

0,75 ℓ, Bottle case
Starter, Shellfish, Fish, First courses
69,90 €
55 €

For those who, however, love the "bubbles from beyond the Alps" here is a selection of Champagne for a gift full of charm.

Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Billecart-Salmon
(100% chardonnay)

A Champagne produced with 100% chardonnay grapes, coming only from the prestigious parcels classified as Grand Cru of: Avize, Choully, Cramant and Le-Mesnil. A guarantee of elegance and absolute finesse. The vinification of the grapes of each single vine is done separately in oak barriques and only later is the cuvée created. It ages on the lees for 5 years before dégorgement. The Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru of Billecart-Salmon has a bright golden yellow color, with a perlage of great finesse and persistence. The olfactory picture is refined and complex with citrus aromas, pastry and toasted hints. The sip is rich and mature, with beautiful persistence and vibrant freshness.

Champagne Brut Cristal 2009 Louis Roeder
(pinot noir 55%, chardonnay 45%)

Champagne Cristal Brut is the Maison's most famous label and one of the best known by fans. It was born back in 1876 for Tsar Alexander II, who wanted to have the best cuvée of the Maison on his table every year. Still today it is produced only in the best vintages, when the chardonnay and pinot noir grapes reach levels of absolute excellence. The bottles rest on the lees for at least six years before the dégorgement and are refined for another 8 months in the cellars of the Maison before being sold. In the glass it reveals all its refined elegance, with fresh citrus notes, white fruit, candied peel and toasted dried fruit. The attack on the palate is harmonious and creamy, of great expressive richness, but always supported by lively acidity and pleasant mineral sapidity.

Champagne Extra Brut Avize Champ Caïn 2005 Jacquesson
(100% chardonnay)

The Extra Brut Avize Champ Caïn is a Champagne that expresses the pure and authentic taste of the terroir.

It is part of the prestigious Jacquesson collection of the "Lieux.Dits", or 4 locations chosen by virtue of the extraordinary quality of the grapes, to be vinified separately exclusively in the best vintages. An elite Champagne, produced only in a thousand bottles. The grapes come, in fact, from the small Champ Caïn parcel of just over one hectare, perfectly exposed to the south and located in the famous municipality of Avize. After vinification, the chardonnay ages in oak barriques, where it performs malolactic fermentation. The next stop on the lees lasts for 9 years. The color is golden, with very fine and persistent perlage. The olfactory profile is intense and elegant, with ripe notes of peach, yellow fruit, honey and pastry. On the palate it releases all its elegant aromatic power, rich, complex and persistent, to then close with a refreshing citrus acidity.

Champagne Brut Cuvée Rosé with two Laurent-Perrier flutes
(pinot noir 100%)

A prestigious gift box, which contains in addition to a bottle of Champagne Brut Cuvée Rosé, also a pair of flutes. It is a Rosé produced exclusively with pinot noir grapes from the best vineyards of the company. The maceration of the grapes lasts around 48-72, so as to extract some color and the classic aromas of the noble grape variety. The minimum stop on the lees before the dégorgement is 4 years. In the glass it has a beautiful salmon pink color, crossed by a delicate and persistent perlage. The bouquet recalls the fresh aromas of small berries, raspberries, red currants, blackberries, with a cherry undertone. The sip is crunchy, with fragrant fruity notes and pleasant freshness.

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Valpantena 2014 Bertani
(Corvina Veronese 80%, Rondinella 20%)

Bertani represents the history and tradition of Amarone. He is one of the producers who has been able to interpret this type of wine from the beginning, always remaining faithful to the canons of elegance and finesse. In wine it comes from the grapes of the vineyards cultivated in the splendid hilly landscape of Vanpantena. After the manual harvest, the best bunches are selected and sent to the drying period. The red vinification follows and the subsequent refinement phase for at least 30 months in Slavonian oak barrels and barriques. It is an intense and complex Amarone, with notes of black cherry, berries, spicy and slightly toasted hints. On the palate it relaxes in all its elegant power, with complex aromas and great persistence.

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