Santa Teresa is the name of an ancient distillery founded in 1976 in the mountainous Aragua Valley, in Venezuela, where nature has generously offered everything needed to create rum , and men, with passion, wisdom and skill, have done the rest, making this rum a masterpiece for all the senses. The story begins in 1976 with the construction of the Hacienda Santa Teresa: coffee, cocoa and sugar cane grew in abundance and the Vollemer family, whose descendants still hold the reins of the company, decided to found the distillery.

Deeply convinced of the fact that to get the most out of nature it is necessary to go along with its rhythms in its fullest respect, this family has been producing rum for more than 200 years and, from this proven experience, to celebrate the company's bicentennial, in 1996 Santa Teresa was born 1976, which will forever mark a sort of point of no return for the production of rum in this company: nothing would have been the same as before. Santa Teresa 1796 is an intense and elegant rum with blends aged up to 35 years in oak barrels where bourbon whiskey is aged first, and subsequently through the Solera artisanal method giving life to a dry, soft and balanced rum. An extract of happiness that seals the entire path of the company, thanks to the happy intuition of Alberto Vollmer Herrera, member of the fourth generation of the family. A rum - from 94 pt Wine Enthusiast - which testifies to an ancient family love .

Santa Teresa 1796 Rum Solera Special Pack

0,7 ℓ, Box set
Santa Teresa 1796 Rum Solera Special Pack
Available immediately Premium
59,90 €
per piece (0,7 ℓ) 64,57 €/ℓ
Incl. VAT and taxes
Alcohol content
Tasting moment
Cocktail, on the rocks, neat
49,90 €
per bottle (0,7 ℓ) 56,71 €/ℓ
Incl. VAT and taxes
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