When a simple vowel can make a difference. This is the case of the two English words Whiskey and Whiskey which are not synonyms, they are not correct and the other wrong, but they indicate two different spirits : Whiskey or Scotch Whiskey is the name of the distillate produced in Scotland , while Whiskey is the term used to refer to spirits from Ireland. A difference not only territorial, but also of style and taste. The Scotch Whiskey is produced basically with malt derived from barley, with the pure water of natural sources and using peat for the roasting of the malt. Peat is a fossil fuel derived from the sedimentation of plant remains impregnated with water that have not been completely decomposed. It is dried and then used in place of wood and coal. The presence of peat gives Scotch Whiskey, especially those produced on the island of Islay, the typical smoky notes, torbate, salt and iodine, which are a bit 'typical feature of almost all Scottish spirits, their true is its own trademark.

Irish Whiskey , on the other hand, is a distillate produced in Ireland using a mixture of unmalted barley and malt (about 20-40%), which gives a richer and rounder profile than Scottish Whiskey . The Irish claim an ancient history, tracing its origin back to San Patrizio (5th century AD). Distilled from other cereals can also be added to the Whiskey blend , making the taste even softer and easier. But the fundamental difference is the absence of smoked or peaty perfumes . Peat, although present in Ireland, is not traditionally used as a fuel for drying malt. Furthermore, the use of closed ovens avoids any contact between smoke caused by combustion and malt, avoiding the presence of smoky hints. The distillation process is carried out with traditional pot still copper still with triple discontinuous distillation, compared to the double still used in Scotland. A custom that leads to a final product with a higher proof, which will then be lowered with dilution with water. Which of the two is the best? You cannot make a ranking, they are two expressions of two very different styles. Scotch Whiskey , especially from the Hebrides, is preferred by those who love the most austere and deep perfumes and aromas, with peaty, smoked, savory and seaweed notes. Irish Whiskey is loved by those who prefer the most delicate, fruity and soft aromas and flavors. They are two faces of the same distillate, which produce true excellence to be discovered and tasted in order to savor and appreciate its different interpretations and nuances.

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