Villa Poggio Salvi owes its name to the fortunate position in which it stands , the southern slope of Montalcino overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea: a locus amoenus where the scents of the oak woods mix with the fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub, an enchanting place where it has always been you can breathe the purest air. Poggio Salvi, in fact, the "Poggio della Salute" , as it has always been considered a healthy and prolific area, is a winery that has combined modernity in the cellar with the simple and elegant history of Sangiovese Grosso. Their motto: "the wine is made in the vineyard, but in the cellar you must be able to accompany it with wisdom, respecting the characteristics that each vintage gives" fully expresses the philosophy of the company, where the care and patience begin in the vineyard . Unique wines with a strong personality, which do not give up on class : such as Brunello Poggio Salvi (93 pt JS and 3 Ais vines) , one of those wines that must absolutely be forgotten in the cellar to remember years later and savor it in all its specials organoleptic qualities, but as well as Rosso di Montalcino , a label that comes from the same Sangiovese Grosso grapes from which Brunello is obtained, the same ones that refine in large and capacious oak barrels, as per tradition.

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