Mimosa cocktail can be considered as a creative chromatic variant of the most famous and celebrated Bellini Cocktail. In this case, in fact, the basic ingredients are a sparkling wine, a Prosecco or a Champagne, and orange juice. It is a very fresh and thirst-quenching cocktail, particularly good in the winter months, when ripe oranges are rich in juice, very tasty and fragrant. It can also be done with packaged orange juice instead of fresh fruit juice, but obviously the Cocktail will not have the same intensity and freshness and will risk being a little sweeter and less aromatic.

As it often happens, the origins of the Mimosa cocktail are unknown, although it seems that it was invented during the 1920s. Its name, however, derives from the yellow color, which recalls the mimosa flowers. As for the doses, the IBA version provides equal parts of sparkling wine and orange juice, but there is no lack of variants with higher percentages of sparkling wine. On the other hand, there is agreement that the ingredients must always be very cold, so as not to have to use ice, which would risk diluting the wine. Usually the Mimosa Cocktail is served straight, but sometimes the glass can be garnished with an orange slice.


  • 7.5 cl of orange juice,
  • 7.5 cl of Classic Method Sparkling Wine, Prosecco or Champagne,
  • 1 splash of grenadine (optional)


Pour the orange juice into a glass, fill with the sparkling wine and mix gently. You can garnish it with an orange slice.

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