How many times has it happened to throw wine because of a bottle left open too many days or to buy a wine by the glass that had lost the fragrance of the bottle just uncorked? The risk of oxidation and decay of wines in prolonged contact with the air has always been a problem. How many times have we given up opening a bottle thinking that for two glasses it was not worth it, especially if it was an important bottle?

For a long time it was an unsolvable question, then technology was able to give an answer, thanks to a new generation small dispensing device. Coravin allows you to pour a glass of wine from a bottle without uncorking it and to be able to taste your favorite wine at any time without having to finish the bottle. But let's see in detail how this little marvel of technology works, which has profoundly changed the way we consume wine, especially in the sector of bottles of great value. Coravin allows you to pour even a glass of wine from a bottle and to keep as much as we want the rest of the wine, without having to fear any alteration. This wonderful tool that has made all fans happy, consists of a thin metal needle that penetrates the cork. The wine is sucked from the bottle and at the same time is injected into the argon, an inert gas that fills the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of the liquid, so that there is no contact with the air and therefore no danger of oxidation . Once the pouring is finished, the needle is gently pulled out. The hole is so thin that the natural elasticity of the cork closes it perfectly, without any problem. The Coravin thus becomes an instrument of extraordinary freedom, both in the case of private tastings, and in the case of the sale of fine wines by the glass in wine bars or restaurants, and in the case of vertical tastings. It is clearly an object intended for fine bottles, which in this way can be drunk more freely. Another great advantage concerns the combinations of wine with food. How many times does it happen that you have to choose a bottle mediating between the characteristics of the various courses or even worse between incompatible dishes from different diners? With Coravin everyone can choose the most suitable wine for their dish and enjoy the perfect harmony of the combination. Those involved in professional pairings can even taste several wines with the same dish at the same time, to evaluate the best combination to offer to their customers or simply to guests at a dinner with friends. Coravin is a great tool of freedom, which should not be missing at the home of a wine lover.

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