Pampero rum and mixology

In Caracas in 1938, two friends with little experience in distillation decided to start a small rum production, having the intuition of using oak barrels for aging . Thus was born, almost by chance, the history of Pampero, the name that today is the same synonym of rum, probably the best known company in the whole panorama of the Caribbean distillate and beyond.

Alejandro Hernández and Luis Toro, the two pioneers of Pampero, decided to draw inspiration from the legendary Llaneros - the Venezuelan cowboys who fought the Spanish colonists - to create the symbol of Pampero. Pampero rums go through a rigid distillation process, aimed at guaranteeing the constant quality of the entire product line: local sugar cane and triple distillation, which guarantees the intensity of the aromas and the necessary alcoholic strength , constitute the know-how of Pampero rums, essential on the shelves of cocktail bars all over the world.

This is how rums like Pampero Blanco and Pampero Especial are born , classics for modern mixology, used for mixing the most drunk cocktails in the world such as Mojito and Daiquiri for Blanco and Rum & Cola for Especial , from which you can also make a more particular cocktail like the Pampero Especial Caracas Mule , a fresh and summery variant of the famous Moscow Mule. While Pampero Selección Añejo is a more complex rum, with the typical aromas of candied fruit and jam, to be enjoyed in more basic cocktails such as Selección with tonic water and orange , where you can make the most of the unmistakable taste of this rum.
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Pampero Blanco

Blanco Pampero

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Pampero Especial

Especial Pampero

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Pampero Selección Añejo

Selección Añejo Pampero

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