The story of Beefeater began in 1863 , when James Burrough purchased a distillery whose specialty was precisely to produce "Taylor & Son" liqueurs, on Cale Street, in the Chelsea district. After years of study and experimentation, James Burrough came to compose the catalog, which in 1876 included the James Burrough London Dry, the Ye Old Chelsea and the Old Tom Style gin. He decides to add a new brand: the Beefeater London Dry gin .

The Beefeater was an immediate success , so much so that in 1895 the official recipe was drawn up and it was declared the reference product of the company . Beefeater 24 is a London Dry Gin distilled in Kennington, London, starting from wheat and traditional botanical alcohol , including juniper, licorice root and angelica to which are added Sencha green tea, Chinese tea and grapefruit zest . The botanicals remain in infusion for 24 hours , three times more than a normal gin, in order to extract the maximum flavor. Beefeater 24 is a purely London gin that winks at the new generations, as is also shown by the packaging, which plays on elements that fully represent the London style: from the Ruby Ballas, a gem of the British crown that rests on the bottom of the bottle, to the blue and red colors that recall the uniform of the Guards guarding the Tower of London (the Beefeater, in fact). God save the Gin .

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London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin Beefeater

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London Garden Gin

London Garden Gin Beefeater

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London Dry Gin 24

London Dry Gin 24 Beefeater

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