Espolòn tequila was born in 1998 in the San Nicolas Mexican distillery , founded by Don Raul Plascencia in memory of his grandfather, who since 1898 dreamed of producing tequila. The name, which literally means "spur", a tool tied to the leg of the fighting cock, also recalls its symbol (the cock). A super premium distillate handcrafted with 100% Agave Blu , which celebrates and tells the whole history of Mexico, starting with the labels, which represent the characters of Guadalupe, Rosarita and the Ramòn rooster on journeys that immortalise daily stories of the Mexican tradition in tribute to the calavera (skulls) of the satirical illustrator José Guadalupe Posada. Produced in the two variants Blanco and Reposado , in the first version, suitable for mixing, the piñas are slowly cooked in an autoclave, then left to ferment to allow these essences to turn into alcohol. The second variant, excellent also smooth, follows the same processing method, but appears to the eye with an intensely golden color, while the nose is richly spiced, with caramel aromas.

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