For over 150 years Amaro Averna has represented true Sicilian art, with a history that has its roots in the wonderful land of Caltanissetta, where the recipe was created at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the monks of the Abbey of Santo Spirito.

It is 1868, a textile merchant, and benefactor of the local community, receives a special gift: as a sign of gratitude, Fra Girolamo reveals the secret recipe for amaro to Salvatore Averna, who begins to produce it in the family farmhouse in Xiboli. Here the ingredients that make up the original recipe are still selected and preserved.

Yesterday as today, Averna tells of the unique aromas and flavors of its territory, thanks to the rich organoleptic profile, where the bitter orange of Sicily stands out as the first ingredient, followed by lemon, pomegranate and herbs, roots, bark, berries and natural spices. The taste of Averna is intense and bitter-sweet, rich, round and enveloping, made of citrus notes, hints of licorice and hints of spices; the aromas of orange and licorice are balanced by those of blueberry, juniper, rosemary and sage. Each taste is a journey into the truest Sicily and a real multisensory experience.

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