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Great wines from France
Great French wines
The best French chateâux and domaines that made the history of wine
From the prestigious châteaux that have made the history of wine
The excellence of the domaines that have made the history of wine
A selection of the most famous French bubbles
Rhône Valley
Best traditional wines from Rhône Valley
Loire Valley
The most interesting from Loire Valley
Great wines from Italy
Great Italian wines
Wines that made the history of Italian oenology
The excellence of Tuscan centuries-old tradition
The great kings of Piedmont oenology

Fine wines, only great wines

When luxury meets the world of oenology, fine wines are created. Wines that are "worth talking about": unique, refined bottles, wines that have made the history of oenology, amazing and exciting like only a few in the world can claim to be. Collection items that every wine lover should not miss. We have selected the best products to offer you the most sublime tasting experience: buying a fine wine means allowing yourself a moment of pleasure, stepping into the sacred temples of wine with your senses.

A journey around the world to discover terroirs that are perfectly suited to viticulture, in those areas that are so "crucial" for growing grapes. Wineries and maisons, alongside renowned enologists, produce these wines, which become myths as soon as they are born, enhancing and enriching the value of time.

A pilgrimage to places of worship where fine wines come to life, such as Bordeaux, one of the most famous wine regions in the world for the production of excellent wines, Burgundy, where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir reach unparalleled levels of quality, the Rhône Valley, where Grenache and Syrah express themselves in all their elegance and the Loire Valley, one of the main and largest winemaking regions in France. Great names like Ornellaia, the great French châteaux, the most glorious and prestigious Champagnes can certainly not be missing. A path studded with bright stars that shine in the firmament of wine, names of the calibre of Cervaro Sala Bianco of Antinori, Oreno of Sette Ponti, Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Sotto: real gems for wine experts, which alone make a moment unique.

For those who don't want to give up a toast in perfect style, for those who love to collect bottles of inestimable value, we offer a selection that will allow you to become familiar with the world aristocracy of wines: special wines for special occasions, experiences to be included in the 100 things to try in life.

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